The Apps screen allows each user to display, run and view the results of the Apps to which they have access. It is accessed by clicking the Apps tool button. icon on the LiveCompare Dashboard screen. The Apps screen has the following sections:


The Apps section includes panels for each of the Apps to which the user has access. If LiveCompare is project-controlled, this section lists the Apps in the user’s current projects. The Apps are organized in a tabbed display, to reflect the DevOps categories they were assigned to when they were registered. Note that some standard Apps delivered with LiveCompare are assigned to more than one DevOps category.

DevOps Category Standard Apps
Development Authorization NOTE Impact
Code Guard
Code Watch
Compare Objects
Fix My Code
Heal Tests
Impacted Custom Code
Package Disassembler
SAP HANA Migration Assessment
Testing Authorization NOTE Impact
Heal Tests
Impact for Security
SAP HANA Migration Assessment
Smart Impact
Smart Impact for Salesforce
Test Audit
InfoSec Authorization NOTE Impact
Find Similar Roles

Apps Usage

Code Guard
Compare Custom Objects
Compare IMG
Compare Objects
Find Similar Roles
Release Assurance
SAP HANA Migration Assessment
Short Dump Watch
Used Objects



Select an App icon to display the App in the App Cockpit screen.

Navigation Panel

The navigation panel is displayed on the left-hand side of each Apps screen, and includes the following icons:

Icon Description
Dashboard tool button. Displays the LiveCompare Dashboard.
Apps tool button. Displays the Apps screen.
Studio tool button. Returns to the LiveCompare Studio (available for users with LiveCompare Editor privileges).
Quick Compare tool button. Displays the Quick Compare Wizard.
LUX tool button. Displays the LUX utility.
Data Cleanser tool button. Displays the Data Cleanser utility.
Contacts tool button. Displays the Contacts utility.

The Dashboard, Apps, LUX, Data Cleanser and Contacts icons are marked with a vertical bar if they are selected in the navigation panel.


The following icons are displayed on the top right-hand side of each Apps screen.

Icon Description
Feedback tool button. Allows you to provide feedback or improvement suggestions for LiveCompare. Log in using your Tricentis Support Portal account details.
Academy tool button. Accesses the Tricentis LiveCompare Consumers playlist from the Tricentis Academy.
Help tool button. Displays help for the current screen.
User tool button Includes options to display your user profile, or to log out.

If LiveCompare is project-controlled, the header includes a drop-down list box from which a project may be selected. In this case, the Apps displayed in the main part of the Apps screen will be restricted to those in the currently selected project.

Standard Apps