SAP HANA Migration Assessments Using LUX Data

LiveCompare allows an SAP HANA migration assessment to be performed without requiring any transports to be installed, or any RFC Destinations to be created. The data required for an SAP HANA migration assessment is obtained using a data extract program which is installed on the As-Is and To-Be SAP systems by copying and pasting the program’s source code.

An SAP HANA migration assessment also requires performance history data, which may be obtained from the SAP production system using either the ST03 or ST03N transaction.

An SAP HANA migration assessment using LUX data is performed as follows:

  • The source code for the data extract program is downloaded from the Apps user interface.
  • The data extract program is run on the As-Is and To-Be systems using performance history data obtained from the production system. The data extract program produces a set of LiveCompare Universal Extract (LUX) files for each system.
  • The LUX files for the As-Is and To-Be systems are uploaded into LiveCompare using the Apps user interface. This creates LUXes for the As-Is and To-Be systems, which are stored in the ‘Data/Luxes’ LiveCompare hierarchy folder.
  • The SAP HANA Migration Assessment App is run, specifying the As-Is and To-Be LUXes in the App Variant screen.

The SAP HANA Migration Assessment App runs the following workflows:

  • UA01 - Impacted Used Custom Code
  • UA02 - Analyze Custom Code Quality
  • UA03 - Unused Custom Code
  • UA05 - Used Obsolete Transactions
  • UA06 - Impacted Used Standard Code
  • UA11 - Impacted Customized IDOCs
  • UA12 - Impacted Profiles and Authorizations
  • UA13 - Impacted Standard IDOCs
  • UA14 - Impacted Call Transaction Analysis
  • UA15 - SPDD and SPAU Objects
  • UA16 - Object Catalogue

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