Step 2 (To-Be) - Downloading the Data Extract Program

LiveCompare uses a data extract program that runs in SAP to extract SAP HANA migration assessment data from your To-Be SAP system. To download the data extract program from the Apps user interface, carry out the following steps:

  1. Log in to LiveCompare as a user with LiveCompare Consumer privileges. Alternatively, log in as a user with LiveCompare Editor privileges and click the Apps tool button. toolbar button. The following screen is displayed.

LiveCompare Dashboard.

  1. Click LUX tool button. in the navigation panel and select the ‘Download LUX Extract Program’ link. The following screen is displayed.

Download screen.

  1. In the ‘Make a To-be LUX’ section, select ‘SAP 620 Kernel and Above’. Choose ‘Save link as…’ from the link’s context menu.
  2. Save the file on a machine where SAPGUI is installed.

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