LiveCompare Standard Apps

LiveCompare includes a set of standard Apps, which are installed as part of the LiveCompareApps templates package. The Apps are available from the Consumer interface’s Apps screen.

The following standard Apps are available:

Adder (Sample App)

Apps Usage

Authorization NOTE Impact


Code Guard

Code Watch

Compare IMG

Compare Custom Objects

Compare Objects

Find Similar Roles (Preview)

Fix My Code

Heal Tests

Impact for Security

Impacted Custom Code

Package Disassembler

Release Assurance

SAP HANA Migration Assessment

SAP HANA Upgrade Analysis

Short Dump Watch

Smart Impact

Smart Impact for Salesforce


Test Audit

Used Objects

A number of these Apps depend upon Object Links Caches, Performance History Data or Short Dump Data which must be downloaded or created in advance by a user with LiveCompare Editor privileges. Please check the ‘Prerequisites’ section of each App’s help topic for details.

Apps Screen